Team Members

Anol Bhattacharya
Chief Executive Officer, Director

Anol has over 15 years of experience in consulting hi-tech and telco clients (including Cisco Systems, StarHub, IBM, Hitachi GST, IDC Asia Pacific, HP, and Dimension Data) in the field of B2B marketing strategy and consulting, demand generation, lead generation and nurturing, social media strategy & implementation, interactive digital media for marketing initiatives, and user experience design.

He is a regular columnist on the topic of B2B marketing in various print and online newspapers, such as Business Times, Straits Times, Marketing Interactive, Asia One, MIS Asia, and CIO Asia, and is the editor-in-chief of, a leading blog about news, views and reviews of the B2B marketing space and social media scene in Asia.

Anol has given keynote addresses, and been a panelist, at major marketing conferences across the region, including Canalys Singapore, SES (Hong Kong and Singapore), Click Asia Summit (Mumbai), AdTech (Singapore), SiTF Workshops, and BMA (Chicago).

Asuthosh Nair
Managing Partner, Executive Director

Asuthosh’s all-encompassing experience ranges from projects to account management, B2B marketing strategy and consulting, business development and client relationships. His sense of storytelling, coupled with a background in engineering, enables him to design marketing solutions and convey a wide range of information across a broad audience spectrum.

Joshua Johari
Director, Production, Singapore

As Director of Production, Josh prides in being on the top of his game. He not only takes a big picture view but also loves to get involved in every aspect of production from brainstorming, coding, 3D animation, media planning, reporting and more. He is also our media production specialist and enjoys experimenting with new and innovative approaches to animation and video.

Jaspreet Sidhu
Executive Director, Operations

Our Director of Operations, Jaspreet manages our Finance and other operations related departments and ensures professionalism extends to the administrative side of our projects as well. She is also actively involved with special projects related to GetIT’s strategic growth and development.

Jasmine Lim
Art Director, Singapore

Jasmine's main goal in life is to make everything pretty—a feat she does exceedingly well with all client work. Her skills stem not only from her eight years of work experience, but also from her discerning eye. As Art Director of the GetIT Singapore team, she's also tasked with ensuring that all design work are of top-class, and exceed our clients' expectations. As a veteran in the B2B marketing industry, Jasmine relishes working with different clients from various companies. She feels that this unique position affords her a wide variety of different insights, and the opportunity to explore new ways of communicating between brands and consumers in the digital space.

Sudhir Argula
Country Manager, India

Sudhir’s experience stretches over 20 years in media, with an excellent commercial knowledge of the technology media market space. Sudhir has led teams and helped craft creative, integrated and strategic programs and solutions to support client activities across advertising, content marketing, social media engagement, demand generation, and bespoke marketing - and translate all of this into business value.

Helping intelligently connect a message with its intended target is what he does best.

Vijay Ramachandran
Consulting Director

Vijay is a business storyteller, content specialist, event facilitator, and an award-winning journalist.

A successful discussion moderator, he has facilitated over 500 conversations clocking more than 40,000 minutes over the last dozen years.

Over the past 26 years, he has worked with a variety of media platforms, from a mainstream newspaper to an IT portal, and to a biotechnology publication. In this time, he has extensively explored the intersection of business and technology. 

He is especially good at deconstructing complex business situations to focus on the value that can be derived from them. Of particular interest to him is how organizations and individuals handle change and how strategy evolves into responses.

In the last decade, he helped start-up, run, and editorially guide the Indian operations of IDG, the world’s largest technology media organization.

In 2001, he won India’s highest honor for technology journalists, the Polestar Award, for his investigation into Pakistan-based hacker groups.

Randy Tanudibrata
Senior Producer, Web & Interactive Media, Singapore

Our Project Manager for Web Development, Randy is a well-rounded multimedia designer with solid technical skills and an acute sense of design. At work, Randy brings his passion for design and web programming to produce exciting digital interactives for clients. As the most boisterous member of the production team, his infectious laugh always serves to remind us that life at GetIT is not always about work.

Jayan Narayanan
Creative Director, India

As a strategic, multidisciplinary, hybrid creative, Jayan crossed "the line" several times between traditional and cutting-edge interactive platforms and strongly believes there should be no "line”.

Jayan has been working with large media and technology companies for over 15 years, making innovative design solutions across print, web, mobile, video and conference platforms. His expertise focused on design communications, UX strategies and working around branding forms but a slice of his vast skill set.

He also loves experiment making new flavors in cocktails.

Jane Lew
Account Manager, Singapore

Jane believes that creativity is the key to unlock all good things. She uses this philosophy to ensure that our clients love working with us. Having worked with crossed-platform media owners, production houses and digital partners, Jane brings more than a decade of valuable experience into her role as our key account manager at GetIT.

Sadhana Subramanian
Producer, Content, India

Sadhana has been living and breathing technology for nine years. She has been an editor and writer for one of the world’s biggest tech media publishing houses for close to a decade. She has a penchant for seeking stories hidden in everything she reads, watches, and experiences. She believes storytelling is an art and the best stories are those that are compelling enough to influence the masses and bring about positive change.

Koh Ting Ting
Producer, Web & Interactive Media, Singapore

Ting Ting is the perfect example of the hybrid employee that every company needs. Her presence is felt in most of the work that GetIT produces, including animated videos, web design, automated marketing and electronic mailers. Thanks to her fresh aesthetic sense, she’s also able to assist the creative team and coming up with results that clients love.

Gopal Kishore
Producer, Content, Singapore

Gopal leads the content initiatives for GetIT. His experience in journalism, further moulded by a stint in leading marketing initiatives at a startup, makes him an ideal candidate for the job. While he’s an adventure junkie, and believes in living life to the fullest, Gopal also loves taking up marketing challenges at GetIT and helping them succeed.

Leo Boon Yeow
Producer, Content, Singapore

As an ex-tech journalist, Boon Yeow is passionate about both technology, and writing—both of which he gets to do at GetIT. As a Content Producer at GetIT, he works very closely with the graphic designers when conceptualising campaigns. He’s highly dedicated to his work, but outside of work, his dedication to his family is just as high.

Sunil Shah
Senior Producer, Content, India

Sunil has been a technology journalist and editor for over a decade. He prides himself on his ability to tell a story clearly and concisely. This is particularly apparent in the content he produces, which contains an expert blend of storytelling and product marketing. Sunil is constantly looking for the perfect styles and medium to deliver the client’s message.

Wong Sock Ying
Producer, Graphic Design, Singapore

Sock Ying's design skills were honed during her years working with publications. As part of the design team, she adds her unique flavour to the creatives which are produced at GetIT. Don’t let her looks deceive you though. She might seem quite serious at times, but her playfulness shines through in the creative work that she provides to GetIT’s clients.

Finoy Francis
Senior Producer, Web & Interactive Media, India

Finoy doesn’t consider developing web and mobile applications as work simply because he loves doing what he does. He believes that there is no end to learning, having started his career spanning more than a decade, in video editing and graphic design and moving on to web development.  

Jithin PV
Associate Producer-Web Development, India

Jithin has over eight years of rich experience in Web and UI development. He has worked with leading technology companies and has helped shape their Web development strategies. Calm, composed and quiet, Jithin brings a sense of serenity to the hyper and enthusiastic India team.

Diyanah Wahid
Producer, Web Design, Singapore

Diyanah is not afraid to try new things when it comes to creating the code and designs that is behind so many of our great marketing campaigns. While coding and design is part of her DNA, she also likes to travel and explore the different corners of the world for inspiration.

Soh Shi Kee
Associate Producer, Graphic Design, Singapore

An image is worth a thousand words and Shi Kee brings words to life at GetIT with her flair for design. Thanks to her love for “beautiful things”, the work that she does for clients are always of the highest calibre. While she might have the pride of an artist when it comes to work, Shikee’s bright personality brings some cheer into the office when it’s crunch time.

Manjith Balakrishnan
Producer, Graphic Design, India

Manjith is passionate about learning new things and this reflects in his work. He not only designs unique user centric websites but also takes pride in creating a perfect mobile user interface. His fun-loving style and personality comes across in his designs too.

Doreen Lam
Associate Producer, Graphic Design, Singapore

Doreen started her career as a systems engineer. However, she decided that creating meaningful designs is her calling in life. She bravely took the leap into the design world, and now contributes to the art team by combining her deep technical knowledge with her design skills.

Ishan Bhattacharya
Associate Producer, Content, India

Ishan has been a journalist with mainstream as well as B2B media. He brings a crisp blend of traditional and modern writing ethos to the content he produces. He strongly believes that working smart is as important as working hard, which enables him to produce content at a breakneck pace without sacrificing on quality.

Shigil Narayanan
Producer, Graphic Design, India

Shigil Narayanan combines a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a passion for the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, and heavy influences from Kerala’s traditional mural paintings, to create unique art for our clients. He has a background in publishing and interactive graphics, and is almost constantly working on pencil sketches, his favourite medium.

Rini Ezadora
Administrative Executive, Singapore

Rini is responsible for the day-to-day activities at GetIT. She takes care of every little thing - from bill payments to getting the technician down when things breaks down. Her experience of looking after kids in a primary school is immensely useful when it comes to taking care of the GetIT family.

TM Arun Kumar
Senior Producer, Content, India

Arun has been a technology journalist for over 20 years and during the time has led editorial teams at various leading media houses in India. He has covered the technology industry in India since the time 80386 was cutting edge, MS DOS was the predominant desktop OS, and Internet access was still a few years away. He brings a deep understanding of both technology and business and is fascinated by how technology is disrupting the world of business across industries. He is passionate about the business of technology and its impact on various industries and the overall economy.

Prachi Gupta
Admin Manager

Prachi is a bit of a chameleon. As the admin manager at GetIT Comms' Bangalore office, she has to be because she wears many hats. From keeping the office running, to collecting payments, and from HR-related issues, to arranging for technicians, Prachi does it all. Almost all of it with a smile. Hard-nosed, and hard-working, these are her mottos.

Ajith Krishnan
Media & Analytics Manager

Ajith comes to GetIT Comms with two years of experience in marketing automation, project management and sales development. Having acquired all the skills required, Ajith is now the media and analytics manager at GetIT Comms. He is a sharp, proactive and fun-loving lad with a thirst for knowledge.