Cisco : Collaboration Solution Showcase


Cisco Systems wanted to reach out to a broader audience in the Asia Pacific region with their updated slate of collaboration solutions. Besides the traditional marketing channels like eDMs and web advertising, they wished to explore other means that could expand their outreach to the regional target audience. For a start they had a Tech Showcase website hosted with ZDNet that served as a good hub for various inbound marketing activities and chock-full of solution information and premium downloads available for free (upon registration). They now needed to market this better. Enter GetIT.


GetIT proposed a social media-oriented promotion campaign and monitoring solution. We started off with helping create a series of tweets and status messages that could be propagated via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. These were created with a view towards directly referencing the Cisco solution within the messages. These were then posted regularly via personal and official Additionally we set up a PPC ad campaign using LinkedIn Ads with two distinct call-to-action threads: one to check out the solution, and another to download a premium asset, like a whitepaper. Each thread had around 3 variations that were designed to appeal to different audiences. LinkedIn allowed for a certain level of fine-grained targeting such as by geography, industry, job levels, etc., which we utilized to good effect.

Cisco Collab Case study

We set up a monitoring dashboard using JamiQ's social media monitoring solution. The dashboard would reflect the country-wise buzz and sentiment around pre-defined Cisco products, from a before-and-after campaign initiation standpoint, as well as in comparison with two significant competitors in each country.

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