CyberSource : Pulse Survey


CyberSource, the largest Fraud Prevention and eCommerce Transaction Security company in the world, was extending their footprint into the Asia Pacific region. In light of this, the Visa subsidiary wanted to generate more APAC leads. CyberSource already had an established traditional marketing system which involved direct mailers, events and database marketing. What they needed was a solution that would not only provide them with valuable leads but would also take their marketing beyond traditional methods.


Our solution involved using CyberSource's existing content and re-purposing them creatively. Tapping CyberSource's industry reports, we developed a rapid survey solution called a "Pulse Survey". The interactive survey is web-based and device-independent. As potential leads answer the 5-minute survey, they can immediately see detailed analysis based on their answers. And if they wanted to have an offline copy of the complete survey report, all they have to do was provide basic information like name and email.



Aside from being used as an effective online tool for lead generation, CyberSource also uses the "Pulse Survey" at events where booth assistants directly engage leads using mobile devices. As potential leads answer the survey questions, the detailed analysis that they get gives them an on-the-spot snapshot of how their company is benchmarked against the industry. The real time information that they glean from the survey gives prospects valuable and actionable insight. The immediate nature of this rapid survey solution has proven to be very effective in achieving better conversion rates. Online forms that are not powered by good and enticing content usually deter prospects from converting. Through a solution that offers something of value first (automatic analysis, instant benchmarking) before asking for contact information, CyberSource is able to net more high quality leads.

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