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A leading global provider of ICT solutions, including cloud services, Dimension Data maintains its Asia Pacific presence in over 60 offices across 13 countries.

GetIT supported Dimension Data with building demand and generating leads for their enterprise cloud portfolio, focused around several key themes such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Unified Communications & Collaboration in the cloud.


GetIT helped create a content brand independent of the Dimension Data corporate website - Enterprise Cloud Asia.

enterprisecloudasia.com is a repository of free, agnostic content on hosted cloud solutions. These articles and e-books provide vendor-neutral perspectives and insights on key concerns surrounding enterprise cloud services.

GetIT worked with subject matter experts from both Dimension Data’s marketing and field sales teams, compiling information relevant to enterprise cloud adopters and prospects: issues they face, topics of interest, and best practices. This was combined with repurposed Dimension Data material to create content that supplies practical advice and guidance - without pitching Dimension Data - around each of the key themes.

One example is ‘7 Demands Enterprises Must Make from Cloud Providers’, an e-book that educates business prospects on the crucial issues to bear in mind when screening enterprise cloud vendors.

This and other Enterprise Cloud Asia content is syndicated through Dimension Data’s existing client databases, as well as partnerships with tech publications like TechTarget and Questex. Google Ads retargeting and SEM are utilised to attract back visitors that do not fully explore the site before leaving.

The syndication effort is augmented by close collaboration between Dimension Data’s marketing, sales, and business development teams. Using LinkedIn’s recently launched Sales Navigator, the teams work together to segment specific personas and recommend content on a social level.

To tie together the entire ecosystem of content, lead generation, and lead nurturing, GetIT integrated marketing automation into Enterprise Cloud Asia. This gives visibility into individual site visitors’ behaviour (not merely anonymous browsing data) - which pages they visit, which e-books they download, how much time they spend on articles, and so on.


Enterprise Cloud Asia provides Dimension Data with lead generation, constant lead nurturing, measurable content engagement, and interest-based prospect segmentation.

Gating of the long-form content captures qualified leads, while marketing automation tracks metrics like email open rate, click-throughs, browsing duration, and e-book downloads. These give a clear picture of the site’s performance, its reception by the readers, and which readers prefer which sorts of content.

The addition of Sales Navigator, guided by valuable input from across Dimension Data functional boundaries, enables a personalised, ‘social selling’ approach that garners leads of a higher quality than those generated through cold calls.

enterprisecloudasia.com continues to expand its content library, serving as a authoritative source of neutral, high-quality information that helps businesses with their cloud strategies.


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