Cisco : Connected Learning Infographic


Cisco Systems had this brilliantly designed network architecture and framework for educational institutions called Connected Learning. To present this to the administrative and IT management of an institution however required presenting a deck that was 200-slides too heavy, and technical documentation that would take months to read, let alone digest. They needed something that would help everyone from their prospective customer organisation, CEO and dean to CTO and IT managers get the big picture and appropriate level of detail in minutes.


GetIT designed and developed an infographic that explained the Connected Learning infrastructure using a typical campus layout as a foundation graphic to literally bring everyone on the same page. We collected the core content in the form of PPT slides, data sheets, architecture diagrams, white papers, etc and combined that with face-to-face interviews with subject matter experts to come up with the content layer of the infographic. The content layer then had to be "zoned out" into the various faculty and facility buildings within the campus to highlight how the network linked every corner of the campus as a seamless and integrated whole. Finally we proceeded to layout and compose the campus, from pencil sketch to final digital design, and then integrate everything with the content layers.


The infographic ended up being used a definite blueprint for Cisco to take to its customers, both current and prospective and demonstrate the value proposition of their Connected Learning infrastructure. Now everyone, from the Dean to the IT infrastructure deployment manager could make sense of it at first glance and at the same table. Many institutions in fact used it as a basis for their RFPs for similar infrastructures. The infographic was a far more effective conversation starter than the stodgy slide deck that was thrust at prospects. The background of a typical campus layout lent itself to striking an instant chord with the academic staff who could finally see how all of this would benefit their teaching and students, the ultimate aim eventually of Connected Learning.

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