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Lenovo Data Centre Group (DCG) is Lenovo’s enterprise division that focuses on next-generation data centre solutions (hardware and software). They are a relatively new player in the market, but have ambitions of becoming “#1 in the data centre space,” mirroring their position in the PC market. As the main agency for Lenovo DCG (APAC), GetIT Comms was tasked with managing the group’s major marketing and lead generation efforts in the region.

Solution: the Interactive Element

As a new player in the market, Lenovo DCG had to generate a large number of high quality leads in a relatively short time frame. To accomplish this, GetIT conceptualised a campaign, never before seen in the region. Think CIO is a CIO-exclusive CMS hub that hosts agnostic content focusing on core data centre solutions.

The main attraction for members are the various types of content (expert perspective articles, ebooks and videos) that offer data centre technology insight not found anywhere else—which CIOs can use to improve or augment their existing IT infrastructure.

As a brand neutral platform, members are also offered priority access to third-party content, career enhancement webinars, and the occasional highlight of their achievements. Our primary purpose was to ensure that CIOs find the immense value necessary for further engagement with the site.

The benefit for Lenovo DCG however, is a rich, high-quality lead database containing the particulars and technology preference of the region’s top CIOs—leads which we can nurture towards sales through future marketing efforts.


Through the use of various technologies, the campaign objectives of getting more CIO members (close to 300 as of August 2017) was met. However, a wealth of data on these potential leads was also generated.

The primary goal was to integrate all that data, and generate actionable insights that can be shared seamlessly among all stakeholders. Our data and analytics strategy helped us to quickly generate fully customisable, easy-to-understand reports on this pool of potential leads. It also allows us to capture the full customer journey, and capture their micro-moments that can be used for more personalised marketing efforts.

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