HP Networking : Making-of Video


HP ProCurve Networking holds a significant position in the enterprise networking segment. Yet, one of its strongest selling points - the lifetime warranty - remained obscure and a challenge to communicate effectively. We were approached to help create a video that told why ProCurve's products were the best fit for an enterprise's networking needs.


We filmed the manufacturing and testing processes ProCurve equipment underwent to tell a story of a journey ProCurve equipment typically underwent at the factory and testing facilities, mixed with interviews from senior management, motion graphics, and visual cues. The video was made available on different formats for multiple platforms to aid maximal reach.


The visceral effect of seeing the equipment they may purchase put through some of the most rigorous testing procedures and exacting manufacturing processes, backed up with steadfast commitments to quality from management and QC teams, created a powerful and visually compelling image of ProCurve that aided its messaging and effectively conveying one of its strongest value propositions to potential customers.

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