Cisco : SMB Success Story


Being the largest networking technology company in the world, Cisco is well-known in the enterprise market. But they were finding it difficult to penetrate the Small & Medium Business (SMB) market due to widely-held perceptions of being 'expensive' and 'enterprise-oriented'. We were approached to help position Cisco as a technology solutions provider to Small & Medium Businesses.


Our approach was to film case studies featuring SMBs in Asia Pacific who have adopted Cisco technology to considerable benefit to their business. The motivation was simple: nobody tells your story better than your customers. Through a judicious mix of candid interviews, and supporting B-roll (overlay) footage, the videos show how Cisco products and solutions are a good fit for business growth by enabling working from anywhere, connecting employees and offices, better customer service, and increased productivity.


Cisco has featured the video case studies prominently on its Small Business solutions site. They provide a uniquely Asian perspective to the business challenges faced in the region and how Cisco can help address them. The message that shines through the case studies is clear: there is no better solution provider for small businesses than Cisco.

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