About Us

There is nothing easy about B2B technology marketing.

Confusion and complexity abound. Obfuscation and jargon are the norm. We exist to change that—to help you tell your story to those who need to hear it, clearly and with minimal fuss.

We don't simply recommend. We put things into action. We don't just run campaigns. We make sure they take you to where you want to be. We don't simply churn data. We help you see what matters most and why. At GetIT Comms we live by just one credo—Make It Matter.

We are also a proud member of BBN—the world’s B2B marketing agency. It is a single source of specialist B2B marketing skills, and a global team with common processes. Together, we connect businesses and their customers through meaningful communications.

At BBN, we’ve got over 1,130 B2B specialists ready to execute big ideas across 29 countries. Our unique structure, shared processes and wealth of specialist knowledge, means our international campaigns are executed seamlessly throughout the world.