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The GetIT team comprises dedicated, and talented specialists from across the region. By leveraging technology, we operate seamlessly as a single, cohesive unit—to solve your toughest marketing challenges. Together we bring an eclectic mix of creativity, strategy, and innovation to bring your most ambitious campaigns to life.

Team Members
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Anol Bhattacharya Chief Executive Officer

Anol has over 18 years of experience in consulting hi-tech and telco clients in the field of B2B marketing strategy.

He is a regular columnist in various print and online newspapers, such as Business Times, Straits Times, Marketing Interactive, Asia One, MIS Asia, and CIO Asia, and is the editor-in-chief of B2Bento.com.

Anol has given keynote addresses, and been a panelist, at BMA (Chicago), Canalys, SES (Hong Kong and Singapore), Click Asia Summit (Mumbai), AdTech (Singapore), SiTF Workshops, etc.

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Asuthosh Nair Managing Partner

Asuthosh’s all-encompassing experience ranges from projects to account management, B2B marketing strategy and consulting, business development and client relationships. His sense of storytelling, coupled with a background in engineering, enables him to design marketing solutions and convey a wide range of information across a broad audience spectrum.

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Jaspreet Sidhu Executive Director, Operations

Our Director of Operations, Jaspreet manages our Finance and other operations related departments and ensures professionalism extends to the administrative side of our projects as well. She is also actively involved with special projects related to GetIT’s strategic growth and development.

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Joshua Johari Project Director

As Director of Production, Josh prides in being on the top of his game. He not only takes a big picture view but also loves to get involved in every aspect of production from brainstorming, coding, 3D animation, media planning, reporting and more. He is also our media production specialist and enjoys experimenting with new and innovative approaches to animation and video.

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Randy Tanudibrata Team Leader, Web & Interactive Media

Our Project Manager for Web Development, Randy is a well-rounded multimedia designer with solid technical skills and an acute sense of design. At work, Randy brings his passion for design and web programming to produce exciting digital interactives for clients. As the most boisterous member of the production team, his infectious laugh always serves to remind us that life at GetIT is not always about work.

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Sudhir Argula Country Manager

Sudhir's experience in the media industry stretches for over 20 years. He has an excellent knowledge of the technology media market space. Sudhir has led teams and helped craft creative, integrated and strategic programs to support clients across various marketing campaigns. These include advertising, content marketing, social media engagement, demand generation, and bespoke marketing - translating all of this into tangible business value.

Intelligently connecting a message with its intended target is what he does best.

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Iriani Kamaluddin Country Manager

Iriani is a marketing veteran with 16 years of marketing experience in the Telecommunications, Big Data Analytics, E-Commerce and Publishing industries. Having held local, global and regional positions in Ericsson, SAS and Maxis, she specialises in data-driven marketing and her campaigns have been nominated for a Marketing Excellence Award by Marketing+ Advertising magazine.

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Jayan Narayanan Creative Director

As a strategic, multidisciplinary, hybrid creative, Jayan crossed "the line" several times between traditional and cutting-edge interactive platforms and strongly believes there should be no "line”.

Jayan has been working with large media and technology companies for over 15 years, making innovative design solutions across print, web, mobile, video and conference platforms. His expertise focused on design communications, UX strategies and working around branding forms but a slice of his vast skill set.

He also loves experimenting with new cocktail flavors.

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Sunil Shah Team Leader, Content

Sunil has been a technology journalist and editor for over a decade. He prides himself on his ability to tell a story clearly and concisely. This is particularly apparent in the content he produces, which contains an expert blend of storytelling and product marketing. Sunil is constantly looking for the perfect styles and medium to deliver the client’s message.

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Jane Lew Account Manager

Jane believes that creativity is the key to unlock all good things. She uses this philosophy to ensure that our clients love working with us. She has previously worked with several media publications, production houses and digital partners, and brings more than a decade of valuable experience in her role as key accounts manager.

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Nadiah Jamaludin Business Development Manager

Nadiah has a winning personality that shines through in more ways than one. She’s naturally well-liked by her colleagues and clients. But it is her far-sighted vision—developed over almost a decade in sales—that helped win strategic partnerships and deals that drive short term sales efforts, and long-term growth opportunities. After her wins, it’s not unusual to find Nadiah rewarding herself in Singapore’s high-end shopping district, or at a beach in Bali (her second home).

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Leo Boon Yeow Sr. Content Editor

As an ex-tech journalist, Boon Yeow is passionate about both technology, and writing—both of which he gets to do at GetIT. As a Content Producer at GetIT, he works very closely with the graphic designers when conceptualising campaigns. He’s highly dedicated to his work, but outside of work, his dedication to his family is just as high.

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Sadhana Subramanian Sr. Content Editor

Sadhana has been living and breathing technology for nine years. She has been an editor and writer for one of the world’s biggest tech media publishing houses for close to a decade. She has a penchant for seeking stories hidden in everything she reads, watches, and experiences. She believes storytelling is an art and the best stories are those that are compelling enough to influence the masses and bring about positive change.

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TM Arun Kumar Team Leader, Content

Arun has been a technology journalist for over 20 years and during the time has led editorial teams at various leading media houses in India. He has covered the technology industry in India since the time 80386 was cutting edge, MS DOS was the predominant desktop OS, and Internet access was still a few years away. He brings a deep understanding of both technology and business and is fascinated by how technology is disrupting the world of business across industries. He is passionate about the business of technology and its impact on various industries and the overall economy.

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Doreen Lam Graphic Designer

Doreen started her career as a systems engineer. However, she decided that creating meaningful designs is her calling in life. She bravely took the leap into the design world, and now contributes to the art team by combining her deep technical knowledge with her design skills.

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Finoy Francis Team Leader, Web & Interactive Media

Finoy doesn’t consider developing web and mobile applications as work simply because he loves doing what he does. He believes that there is no end to learning, having started his career spanning more than a decade, in video editing and graphic design and moving on to web development.

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Jithin PV Web Developer

Jithin has over eight years of rich experience in Web and UI development. He has worked with leading technology companies and has helped shape their Web development strategies. Calm, composed and quiet, Jithin brings a sense of serenity to the hyper and enthusiastic India team.

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Teng Keat Thong Graphic Designer

Keat Thong, aka KT, rarely waits for things to happen. Instead, she uses her skills at creation to bring change—both personally, and to our clients through the work she does. When she’s not busy providing our clients with game-changing visuals, KT unwinds by focusing on perfecting her crafting skills (digital and physical) so that she can better visualise her wellspring of ideas, and bring them to life.

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Anil Khaira Martech Executive

To Anil, there is truth hidden in numbers. Just like how scientists explain the world using numbers, Anil finds the marketing answers we need with Google Sheets. He uses his affinity with numbers to discover patterns that can be exploited to maximise the efficacy of GetIT’s marketing automation, data management and media spend. But of course, unlike football odds, Anil knows there are some things that can’t be explained by numbers, like his love for Europe.

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Shigil Narayanan Sr. Graphic Designer

Shigil Narayanan combines a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a passion for the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, and heavy influences from Kerala’s traditional mural paintings, to create unique art for our clients. He has a background in publishing and interactive graphics, and is almost constantly working on pencil sketches, his favourite medium.

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Anju Mahendra Accounts Cum Admin Manager

Anju strongly believes that ‘accounting’ is ACT-COUNT-THINK and that’s how her passion for mundane stuff like debit and credit became something more than just numbers. At GetIT, Anju is not just an accounts whiz she also pretty much runs the admin wheels of the India office. She believes that there is no limit to learning. When she isn’t at work, she is roaming around the globe.

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Manu TM Graphic Designer

Manu, our resident ninja, is a designer as well as a developer. He helps build design with functionality and beauty. He loves thinking creatively and developing new design concepts, graphics and layouts. When he is not working, he enjoys watching movies, driving and discovering new technology.